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9 Feb 2012

Making the Switch in 2012

Nearly 5 years after the Mac vs. PC guys, the switch is becoming more prevalent among everyday computer users. Macs no longer have the negative stigma of non-compatibility. Software developers are creating Mac apps before developing the PC versions. Gamers are now able to purchase brand new games for the Mac without having to wait or compromise on performance, features and general usability.

8 Feb 2012

OS X Lion is NOT for Everyone!

The new Mac OS X Lion has been out for several months now and it’s receiving a wide variety of reviews. Reviews range from “this is the best and most fluid user interface I’ve used” to “the worst Mac OS to-date”. Bottom line, Lion is not for everyone. Steve Jobs announce Lion as a stepping-stone to a new environment. An OS without directory and file structure; to reinvent and innovate all other OSs.


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